New Cyber Security Awareness Poster Launched At SMW 2017

New Cyber Security Awareness Poster Launched At SMW 2017

BIMCO, International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA Singapore) launched a new cyber security awareness poster at Singapore Maritime Week 2017.


The launch was greeted with enthusiasm by the audience discussing cyber security at the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference and Exhibition.


The poster provides basic information to shipboard personnel on their role and contribution to managing maritime cyber risks. It also highlights how staff need to be aware of how to respond effectively to cyber risks. The advice complements information provided on procedural protection measures also available in the industry Guidelines for Cyber Security Onboard Ships.

Giles Noakes Head or Maritime Security at BIMCO says:

Whilst shipboard personnel are one of the major cyber vulnerabilities, with improved basic awareness, they can contribute to ensuring that company approaches to managing cyber risks are effective. This poster provides all the information they need in a clear and accessible form

MPA Singapore will distribute the A3 size poster through their pilots for ships calling at Singapore ports.

The poster is also available in an electronic format for download from the BIMCO and ICS websites for use by shipping companies.



Source: Marine Insight