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Casualty investigation & Claims management

Damage surveys for Hull & Machinery, Protection & Indemnity and Loss of Hire

SM Sigma Maritime Technical Consultants may be deployed to act on behalf of H&M. P&I and LoH underwriters to investigate nature, proximate cause, timing, development and cost of casualties. Temporary and/or permanent repairs may be followed up on site and assistance to negotiations is offered on request.

Preparation of technical specifications for temporary and permanent repairs

Our technical background and expertise allows us to draw up detailed repair specifications however small or large the damage might be. When such specifications already exist our experience enables us to assess them and optimize them should the need arise.

General Average surveys

There is a general average act when, and only when, any extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure is intentionally and reasonably made or incurred for the common safety for the purpose of preserving from peril the properly involved in a common maritime adventure

-York-Antwerp Rules, Rule A

In cases of casualties involving more than one interest we may be assigned to act on behalf of all interested parties to identify and quantify the individual expenditures, ensuring accurate apportionment of contributions

Claims handling

SM Sigma Maritime Technical Consultants are available to take a casualty up and handle it from start to finish.

We offer claims consultancy to both insurers and the assured entities establishing smooth progress and quick turnaround of results. We ensure the thoroughness and accuracy of the submitted claim assisting in the exactitude of the compensation following adjustment under the relevant policy.

Review and analysis of claim submission

Claims may be reviewed and analyzed and comments be provided on the amounts claimed. This service is provided both as part of a casualty handled by us or by itself and has been proven to be particularly productive and effective in cases where a repair has taken a significant time to complete and/or more than one casualty surveyor have been involved.


Loss prevention and Condition surveys

P&I and H&M condition surveys

SM Sigma Maritime Technical Consultants are available to survey vessels worldwide in order to establish the standards of maintenance and operation on ships and assess whether any potential risks exist to the underwriters.

Pre-purchase surveys

In a similar manner to the above, we may carry out vessel surveys and provide a comprehensive report on their condition enabling interested parties to evaluate potential investments.

Risk assessment of vessels

In cases where a condition survey is not possible within the time frame required by the client, we offer to carry out a comprehensive background check. Various technical and operational parameters are reviewed and comments are provided.

Risk evaluation of management systems, techniques and practices

Our background and experience in ship operation and technical management puts us in a very favorable position to review management systems, techniques and practices and provide a comprehensive report on their adequacy and effectiveness.

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