Collision repairs

April 7, 2022

The Vessel was involved in a collision incident resulting in structural damages to her port side shell, main deck, appendages, fittings and equipment while leaving Port Harcourt, Nigeria, after having completed cargo operations. She then proceeded to Walvis Bay, Namibia, for pernanent repairs.

Appointed by Underwriters, the Vessel was attended twice and the nature, cause and extent of the casualty were investigated and the Underwriters’ liability was determined. The first attendance was carried out by our correspondent in South Africa for a joint survey of the casualty with the opponent vessel’s P&I Club surveyor. For the second attendance we were dispatched from Piraeus and a second joint survey of the casualty was carried out on completion of repairs.

Regular reports and updates were issued to the principals throughout the course of the project.

Once the Assured’s claim invoices were submitted and were reviewed, analyzed and commented upon.