Damage survey of pharmaceutical cargo

October 27, 2022

No ship involved here.

A cargo of chemical product used in the manufacturing of antibiotics was purchased by a Chinese entity from makers in Denmark and was transported by reefer truck to Greece for manufacturing of the final product. During transportation the refrigerating mechanism of the truck failed and carriers arranged for the cargo to be shifted to another reefer truck for transportation to destination. On receipt of the cargo, receivers noticed the elevated temperatures recorded on the data loggers, refused to take delivery and notified all parties involved.


We were appointed, through our correspondents in China, by the cargo insurers to investigate the matter and establish the cause, extent and cost of the damage.


We attended at the receivers’ facility to survey the cargo and storage conditions, review documentation and interview key personnel. On completion, we embarked in a national and international research of a qualified and certificated laboratory able to test and report on the condition of the cargo.