Damage to main engine crankshaft journal

February 20, 2023

The Vessel, a tanker, had one of her main engine main bearings opened up for inspection by a shore workshop. A while later she called at a Turkish port to discharge part of her cargo. On sailing to her next port of call to complete discharge, the engine crew noted that the main engine journal and bearing that had been opened up, were damaged.

Owners proceeded to tow the Vessel for transhipment of her remaining cargo and then tow her to a shipyard in Greece for permanent repairs.

We were appointed, through our partners in Turkey, on behalf of the insurers of the repair facility that had opened the bearing to investigate the nature, cause and extent of the casualty, follow-up the repairs and determine the insurers’ liability.

Repairs were followed up onboard and ashore (at the workshop) and regular reports and updates were issued to the principals.