Physical delivery of newly acquired vessel

January 5, 2021

In December 2020, we were appointed by Buyers to take physical delivery of a newly acquired Vessel in the Philippines. Our correspondent in Manila attended onboard to safeguard and protect our principals’ interests and ensure a smooth changeover.

Prior delivery he confirmed adherence to the MOA signed between Sellers and Buyers. Inter alia, he witnessed the underwater inspection of the Vessel’s hull and appendages by divers in the presence of the Vessel’s Classification, he carried out a full bunker and lubricants ROB survey with Sellers’ representative and verified presence of major spare parts, documents, manuals, drawings as required.

Following closure, he supervised the change of names and attended the renaming survey by the Class, radio/GMDSS survey, SSAS reprogramming, organized the renaming/endorsement of documentation as required and supervised and coordinate the various supplies and services provided to the Vessel.

On completion, a comprehensive report was issued on the changeover and the status of the Vessel.