Collision and exhaust gas boiler damage

May 3, 2018

The Vessel was involved in two separate casualties, one concerning a collision resulting in structural damage to her hull and another concerning a breakdown of her exhaust gas boiler. Both damages were scheduled to be repaired permanently during Vessel’s scheduled drydocking.

We were appointed by the Vessel’s H&M Underwriters to investigate both casualties and participate in a joint WP survey of the collision damage along with the surveyor appointed by the opponent vessel’s P&I Club. We attended in China and established the nature, extent and costs associated with these cases.

The extent and required procedures of the repairs to the collision damage were analyzed, discussed and agreed with all parties concerned (owners, Class, opponent surveyor and shipyard) and repairs proceeded uneventfully.

Similarly, the nature, cause, timing and progress of the damage to the exhaust gas boiler were established and reported to principals, as did the required permanent repairs and anticipated costs involved. Again, the repairs were uneventful.

On completion of the repairs, an assortment of claim invoices were submitted, which were reviewed, analyzed and commented upon on the basis of their technical merits.