Collision (General Average)

October 20, 2017

The Vessel, in loaded condition, was involved in a collision incident with another vessel and proceeded to a Turkish port for offloading her cargo in order to proceed to a shipyard for permanent repairs.

On instructions received from the Vessel’s adjusters we attended onboard the Vessel in Turkey as General Average surveyors. We surveyed the circumstances of the operation and did a background check of the incident. We followed up the offloading operation together with a number of surveyors from all parties involved such as cargo receivers, cargo insurance, Vessel’s P&I Club, opponent vessel’s P&I Club, receiving vessel’s P&I Club as well as owners’ representative, owners’ appointed cargo/draft surveyor and Class surveyor. Finally, the local magistrate attended with a small platoon of lawyers.

Regular reports and updates were issued and submitted to our principals, together with detailed supporting material.